Used excavator Caterpillar 325B
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Caterpillar 325B Number of cylinders 6 Engine Make 2236 Engine Model 3116TA Gross Power 132 kw Net Power 125.3 kw Power Measured @ 2000 rpm Displacement 6.7L Aspiration Turbocharged and Aftercooled Bore 104.2 mm stroke 127 mm Net Power -lso 9249 125.3 kw Net Power -Sae J1349 123.8 kw Engine Model Cat 3116TA Net Power-Eec 80/1269 125.3 kw Net Flywheel Power 125.3 kw operating Weight 25900 kg Fuel Capacity 420 L Cooling system Fluid capacity 31.5L Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 310L Engine oil capacity 20 L operating Voltage 24 V swing Drive Fluid Capacity 10L Alternator supplied Amperage 52 amps Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 34300 kPa Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 416 L/min Pilot System -Maximum Flow 11 gal/min Pilot System -Maximum Pressure 595 psi Maximum Pressure -Travel 4980 psi Maximum Pressure -swing 3988 psi Main lmplement System - Maximum Flow (2x) 56.5 gal/min Boom Cylinder - Bore 140 mm Boom Cylinder - stroke 1397 mm Maximum Pressure -Equipment 4980 psi C Family Bucket Cylinder - Bore 130.1 mm C Family Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 1168.4 mm D Family Bucket Cylinder - Bore 150.2 mm D Family Bucket Cylinder - stroke 1168.4 mm Cooling system 31.5 L Final Drive - Each 8L Hydraulic system - including Tank 310.5L Engine oil 20.1 L Fuel Tank Capacity 420.2L swing Drive 9.9L